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Got a question? We’re here to help with answers to your faqs.

What primary services do you offer?

We specialize in making sure the Wi-Fi in your home works the way you need it to. For existing homes, we figure out what’s wrong with your Wi-Fi and solve the problems. For homes under renovation, we figure out how to improve your Wi-Fi dramatically during construction. For new construction homes, we design, install and configure a Wi-Fi system that works great everywhere in your home. Whether we Install, Upgrade, Troubleshoot or improve the Security of your Wi-Fi, you get great Wi-Fi that is Fast, Safe and Reliable with no Dead Zones.

We also help families save money on their cable bill by replacing CableTV with streaming Internet TV.

What is your process?

Our process starts with a phone call to gather details from the customer about their home and the problems they are experiencing with their Wi-Fi. We often provide an estimate over the phone based on those details and schedule an appointment. At the appointment, we first perform a Wi-Fi survey to gather data about the Wi-Fi and produce a heat-map showing the coverage and performance of the Wi-Fi in the home. From the data we gather we identify the problem and recommend a solution. If the customer approves, we install the solution and then perform a Post-Install Wi-Fi survey to validate and test the installation which produces an after-heat-map of the Wi-Fi. Then the customer can see the actual impact of the changes made. We collect payment when the service is complete.

How can you help with new construction homes?

Wi-Fi is now a critical system in new homes, just as electrical, plumbing and HVAC are. The time to design great Wi-Fi is before construction begins. Ask your builder to bring us in and we will work with our partners to design a custom Wi-Fi system for your new home. We will work with your builder to get it installed and configured before you move in so that your WIFI is working great from the day you move in!

Are WIFI and Internet Service the same thing?

This is a common question and many people confuse the two. Here is an easy way to understand the difference. WIFI is a wireless network in a limited space, like your home or office, that you can connect your devices to. Your Internet Service is how you connect your WIFI to The Internet.

Most homes’ internet connection is a service from their cable company. Some homes use a service from a satellite company and even fewer use a dedicated line from their telephone company.

How do you optimize home WIFI?

Every home is different and those differences affect how WIFI works in the home. We utilize our professional WIFI survey software to find the problems with your WIFI and recommend a solution that will work in your home.

What is Cut-the-Cord all about?

Cut-the-Cord is a commonly used term for replacing expensive CableTV with less expensive streaming services. You tell us what your current cable bill includes, how many TVs you have and what TV channels you must have, and we will tell you what you can expect for savings by replacing CableTV. We understand all the streaming platforms and services and will help you finally cut-the-cord to cable and start saving money!

Can I really save money with Cut-the-Cord?

Almost certainly. The larger your cable bill, the more you are likely to save. If you are paying more than $200 per month for Internet/Cable/Phone, you can likely save money. Most of our customers had cable bills between $230 and $330 per month before Cut-the-Cord. With our help, they usually end up saving between $100 and $190 per month after Cut-the-Cord. Call us to see what you can save.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are fully licensed as a business and insured.