Will 5G Home Internet Replace My Home Wi-Fi Network?

May 5, 2023

5G Home Internet is a game changer for the cost to consumers of Internet service. Most communities today have one or maybe two Internet Service Providers (ISP). In one ISP community, homeowners have only one choice for 100+ Mbps Internet service. The provider in those communities takes advantage of their monopoly by charging more for Internet Service. This difference is substantial. My hometown of Chelmsford, MA has 2 providers. The neighboring town of Lowell, MA has 1 provider. Homeowners in Lowell pay $40-$50+ more than Chelmsford homeowners for the same Internet service. New customers in Lowell pay similar rates to Chelmsford customers, but you can only be a new customer once. 

With 5G Home Internet, another competitor for your home Internet service has entered the ring. In towns like Lowell with one provider, the impact should be a substantial decrease in the cost of Internet service. To take advantage of this competition, homeowners may need to switch to streaming services like Fubo, YTTV, Sling or DirecTV Stream instead of CableTV. The result will be much lower Internet/TV bills that everyone will like.

But what about the Wi-Fi network in my home? You will still need it. Wi-Fi isn’t replaced by 5G Home Internet service. 5G is a different technology to bring the Internet to your home, you still need Wi-Fi to connect the devices in your home to the Internet.

Instead of a Cable Modem or Optical Network Transceiver embedded in or connected to your router, you will have a 5G modem. 5G modems are available today and companies are starting to add them to their Wi-Fi routers. The 5G Home Internet providers are offering very attractive plans to build their market share. This competition is driving prices lower in the communities they serve.

As 5G Home Internet becomes available in your community, the impact should be lower costs on your monthly bills for both Internet service and TV service.

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